Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Heres a few websites that have inspired me!

Lolita Lempicka Teas!
Really cute and feminine website, I love the animations!
Monki World!
The detailed illustrations are amazing, they have some nice clothes also, some with the illustrations over the top of them.
Woo Agenter!
Woo Agentur represents freelance artists within illustration, graphic design, animation and motion graphics.
I loved the really diverse range of illustration presented, digital and handrawn techniques are included.

Klaus Haapaniemi

Annelie Carlstrom

Woo Agentur represents Al Murphy, Anne-Li Karlsson, Annelie Carlström, Bo Lundberg, Dennis Eriksson, Eva Hjelte, Gustav Dejert, Hjärta Smärta, Jan Cafourek, Klaus Haapaniemi, Mia Nilsson, Petra Börner, Rikke Jørgensen, Sac Magique, Stina Wirsén, Susanne Engman, Tyra von Zweigbergk and Vår.

Heres a link to a questionnaire I sent out for part 2


My responses gave me a lot of ideas for what to include in my shop, the whole feel that London has about it is obviously loved by many, most answers backed up my ideas that I already had, but there are some new ones that have been made noticable to me.

Shop Concept


This is the name of the shop that I will create a website for.

The shop is split into four different parts, ‘New Designers’, ‘The Market’, ‘Global Café’ and the ‘Vintage’ section,

‘Our Picks’ section where you can flick through various different illustrated products that the shop will sell.

I have called the store ‘Love for London’ and the logo consists of ‘L4L’. I chose to use this as my title of the shop because it is for people that are interested in London, or have been there before and love everything that it has to offer. Whether it is the up and coming fashion, or the incredible vintage shops, the hustle and bustle of a London market, or the mixture of world foods and music. I have abbreviated the word ‘for’ in the logo to the number ‘4’ as I feel this is reflective of the youth culture of today.

Clothes (Vintage, new designers, ethnic)
Food (Cafe)

Corso di Porta Ticinese - up and coming area of Milan



Have a look at my guide!

Trends for autumn/w...
By Emily Stimpson

Top Lecture!


I found this lecture really interesting and it linked well to the theme of my book. As I am focusing on future trends.

I learnt about a really informative international trend research and design agency called 'Promostyl' I found out about this after my book had been made, but next time I look into trends for a project I will be sure to check out their website.