Thursday, 30 September 2010

Why hello Ostrich...

This long necked feathered friend caught my eye the other evening (Vogue's 'Fashion's Night Out) as I walked past Louis Vuitton on Bond Street. He seems to share my passion with handbags too!

And aren't these little eggs sweet!? Showcasing the watches which have hatched from the shells. This is what I love about Visual Displays, the creativity and imagination that goes into them, they don't really have to make to much sense, they just have to catch your eye!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Henry and his pom-pom earrings

Henry Hollands latest collection...put together by myself..images sourced from

Mulberry Margaret

I love this beautiful little grape suede Mulberry bag. It seems a more heritage based piece, with it's Mulberry crest and rich royal colouring.

The plaque depicts, teapots, british bulldogs and Mulberry's 'I believe in tea and cake' caption. How British of the brand, and very Princess Margaret, of course.

Found photos - Anthropologie NY

I've just been looking back at some pictures I took in New York and these ones from ANTHROPOLOGIE in Union square are just so cute....

I mean, a twiggy, ramshackled, New Hamptons seaside bedroom, adorned with birds and objects made of paper... how creative and beautiful can anthropologie get!

Painted blues, and feathered whites.

Special vintage seaside snaps.

A gull made of are a dream come true.

Can I have a job please?

Right, so I finished university a few months back now, and my blog has suffered I'm afraid....sorry....

It's had a little re-vamp, and a few touch ups here and there...and here I am to carry on blogging...weekly at the least!

Currently I'm looking for an internship/job in the fashion industry, it's so hard...I'm sure other recent graduates will understand my pain. But in the meantime I'm doing a few shifts a week at the local pub to keep me going.

It's been a nice break, catching up with friends, going out, lots of shopping, and chilling in general, however now I really want to WORK....any takers?