Sunday, 15 March 2009


The city for the rich and fabulous!!

The Duemo

My visit to Milan was brilliant, I managed to take in quite a lot from the city in quite a small amount of time... we made it up the huge cathederal called the 'Duemo' and took in the view of the city, and the alps that surround it, although it was quite a trek up the hundreds of steps it was definately worth it!

I also looked around alot of the shops in Milan, and took shop reports for those that I felt fitted in well with my project at the moment.

The Golden Quad was definately the most breathtaking shopping district of Milan, with incredible Italian architecture, arched ceilings and gold all around you! Although I couldn't afford anything in this part, I enjoyed gazing into the shop windows, picturing my self in that huge fur coat and that pair of designer heels handing over the credit card without a care in the world... one day maybe!

The 'Golden Quad'

Another interesting area of Milan was Brera, with its cobbeled streets and inviting coffee shops with outdoor heating. There were a range of different shops in this area, including boutique shops and vintage shops. A favourite of mine was a Vintage shop called 'Il Cameo' Which had piles and piles of hats and a whole sofa covered in handbags, there was also a huge selection of clothes including some designer pieces.

Il Cameo

I even managed to fit in an exhibition during my stay in Milan, it was based at the 'Triennale' and was titled 'Opening Soon'. The exhibition was created by Benetton and presented the future of fashion retail space. It was very informative with touch screens, huge boards with line drawn shop layouts, 3D models and images. Hanging from the ceiling was literally hundreds of pieces of Benetton clothing, lit up brightly, in every colour imaginable. I found this exhibition links well to part two of my poject, which is to come up with my own shop concept.

'Opening Soon'

Here's my blog!

This evening I am starting up a blog...I am going to be adding lots to it, my work, new things that I have learnt, and anything else that seems interesting and has helped me with my project so far!!

I'm currently studying Fashion at university and with my project at the moment I am creating a shopping guide for Milan, for all creative minded, trendesetting women!! It will be providing the reader with some top fashion forecasting information, on where to get the future trends and what they will be!